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BioID provides biometric solutions to every day tasks. We work with companies you love to deliver new, groundbreaking technologies increasing security and efficiency.

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Connect your biometrics with your account using the app. Available apps are detected from your smartphone ready to be linked.


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Security is paramount. We ensure that all connections are secured and data is protected and encrypted. Here's how we do it:

Safely Stored

Storage area network arrays backed up with cloud data hidden behind a mountain of security features.

GDPR Trusted

We follow all GDPR guidelines and ensure we work only with partners who match our ethos.

High Level Encryptions

When dealing with such sensitive information, only the most secure encryptions are suitable.

Trusted Partners

We only work with companies we know and trust. We always ensure the handling of your data comes first.

Trained Staff

Only the best are good enough for BioID. All our staff have expert knowledge of the systems they handle.


Don't feel like BioID is for you? No problem, erasing your data is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Our Partners

We work with hundreds of the world's favourite companies, but here are some of our closest friends:




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Higher Education Institute


Banking and Financial Service

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? Something on your mind? Check out some of the most asked questions regarding BioID:

How can I trust my data with BioID?

BioID puts security and user data first in every situation. We are GDPR approved and trusted worldwide with an impeccable reputation. Our security and encryption is second to none ensuring data is held in the darkest caverns behind the tallest mountains. Staff work 24/7 to maintain this high standard of security, and we only employ the most knowledgable and dedicated people to work with us. We only work with companies we know and trust and provide users with the ability to erase all data registered in a click. If you're ever having second thoughts, you're able to revoke your biometrics in less than 10 seconds.

Where can I use my biometrics?

When a company approaches BioID to create biometric solutions, they demonstrate to us how they plan to roll out biometric interfaces. Once approved with us, we create a strategy with them to ensure all users are notified of the advancement with easy to understand and follow instructions. After linking your BioID account to your external account, you'll be able to see how you can use your biometrics with this connection. For example, after linking with online banking, you're able to access b-powered cashpoints around the country.

What if someone steals by biometrics?

Stealing or replicating biometrics is incomprehensively difficult. Sci-fi films have shown biometrics in a negative light, however you'll be pleased to know that the logistics behind gouging out an eyeball to access a government building are nowhere near as realistic as movies portray. Behavioural characteristics are extremely difficult to replicate too. Detection systems are able to accurately and precisely understand these and discover any imperfections that someone else would create.

My favourite company isn't compatible, why not?

Here at BioID, we are constantly striking new partnerships and creating new biometric solutions. If a service you use isn't currently compatible, feel free to contact us encouraging a connection. We'll try our best to deliver the best, groundbreaking services for our users.